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What is it like to be a trainee with South Farnham SCITT?

“Trainees flourish in this partnership because of leaders’ work to build an exceptional ‘team around the trainee’. Everyone in the partnership works in harmony to contribute to trainees’ excellent experience. The cohort leads play a central role in linking the provider and schools within each geographical hub. Course leaders, mentors and support tutors provide expert and skilful guidance for trainees.

The curriculum is ambitious and carefully sequenced. Consequently, trainees develop excellent knowledge of pedagogies and subjects. Trainees confidently use research to inform their teaching and are taught to be highly reflective. This helps them to refine their practice and prepares them extremely well to teach across the primary phase.

Leaders help to build trainees’ knowledge over time through different subjects and school contexts. Trainees develop a strong understanding of how to adapt their teaching to meet the needs of all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and those who speak English as an additional language. Trainees learn early in the course how to promote high standards of behaviour, and they develop a robust understanding of their safeguarding responsibilities.

Relationships between trainees and staff are very positive. Leaders encourage trainees to share their views and act on this feedback swiftly. As a result, trainees know that their voices are heard and valued. If trainees struggle, they are nurtured and provided with bespoke guidance. One trainee reflected how leaders are ‘very supportive but maintain high expectations’.”

Ofsted, Initial teacher education report, July 2023.